Cleaning jobs are numerous in the industry and one should be aware that it is very hard to find good person to work for you and for this very reason many different methods of recruitments should be used.

However if you are looking to be employed as a cleaner, there are things that you should be looking at to present to you future employee:

  • First of all show enthusiastic attitude to the job you are going to do, employees want a positive person in their team as this will be working miracles for their morals and effectiveness of the job conducted
  • Second of all, you should be of good manner and present that you English is of good standard because this will be showing that you can be trusted to communicate to customers and by this you will be doing good job.
  • Appearance and what you expect from the employer will be very important, most cases interview will be at your place to see you capabilities to clean your own house on the first place.

If you are looking for a cleaning job then is employing as of 05/2013, just drop a email and wait for the proprietor to return to you. I’m certain that by presenting your positive attitude you’ll win the job.
I would recommend to check at the Gumtree and some other services for cleaning jobs, as there are many available out there. You may not be offered great amount of money, however I’m sure that for the beginning it will be great start in to the job market and remember to stay positive with whatever you are doing to achieve whatever you want in your life.